Wine tourism on Etna

Andrea Vadalà · 15 April 2020 · News

Today we talk about wine tourism on Etna, since Etna is one of the most important Sicilian attraction towards the internation scene over the years. And today mostly for its Etna DOC Wine.

Etna: a volcan to be discovered.

Every year, millions of people from all over the world come to Sicily to visit “u Mungibeddu”.  There are many paths and excursions to do and the landscape varies from green woods to lunar scenarios, from lava flows to flourishing vineyards.

Etna is a place where man is confronted with himself, with nature and its potential because Etna is alive. Etna is a beating heart constantly evolving and changing.

We consider Mount Etna our “mamma” – mother: she protects us, she hugs us and, lifted by the flourishing climate and the fertility of the volcanic soil, she gifts us with worldwide unique goods. First of all wine, but also honey, apples, oil, chestnuts, pistachio, mushrooms, almonds, hazelnuts, and vegetables.

Those are unique products, that have arisen from a “beating” volcanic soil, rich in minerals. The last century has particularly witnessed the rediscovery and the rising love for the ancient Etna terroir. From centenary-old vineyards to more recent ones, within an area that extends for hectares, from the sea to the highest altitudes. Vineyards are grown on the volcanic soil of the slopes of Mount Etna, which gives the local grapes valuable and unique organoleptic vibes. Exactly these qualities have allowed the attribution of the DOC brand to Etna wine, incepted in Sicily by the decree of 09/25/68.

Wine tourism on Mt. Etna: a new way to discover the volcano.

Wine and tourism, these two ingredients, have smoothly melted on Mount Etna to create a formidable and overwhelming combination: wine tourism on Etna. This phenomenon involves hotels, b&b, restaurants, wineries and farmhouses to develop the local economy. A phenomenon that comes forward, among rows and lava flows, and designates a new tourist figure: the Etna wine-tourist. The Etna wine-tourist tastes wines to capture the peculiar features of a worldwide unique territory, which sinks its roots in millenary traditions, made up of costumes, recipes, and people.

cooking class on Etna
Wine pairing and cooking class at Emilio Sciacca Etna Wine winery

Emilio Sciacca Etna Wine’s wine-tourism.

In our millstone “la Martinella”, we propose a wine tourism made by wine tours and wine experiences for both passionate wine lovers and neophytes intrigued by a product derived from a “living” mountain; customers from all over the world, to experience an eno-sensorial journey on Etna.

You’ll walk through the vineyards of Nerello Mascalese and Carricante, learning about local traditions, the history and geology of Etna, getting to know the land where Etna wine was born. You’ll taste Biancopiglio, Neromagno, and Rossobrillo. You will have the opportunity to experience a kind of wine tourism rich in flavors, colors, scents, and scenarios. During the tastings, you will value the Etna wines and you will appreciate the distinctive signs (flavor, minerality) of a grape grown in this environment.

Our idea of wine tourism is guided by immeasurable love for our land and her goods, by a deep passion for Etna wines and last but not least by a total dedication to our land that represents us in the world. Emilio Sciacca Etna Wine aims to enhance both the power of nature and what man is able to draw from her.

The combination of Etna and wine has allowed us to create a totalizing oenological experience, blending nature walks, enriched with agronomic processes, winemaking and aging explanations, with wine tastings and the typical flavours of the Sicilian culinary tradition.