"How much joy and magic would lack in our best experiences without good wine"

Natural Wine

Our Philosophy and the Working Dwarves.

“Wine, Human, Nature, Etna”: Sciacca Natura Vulcanica

“Wine, Human, Nature, Etna” it’s our Philosophy for an Ethical and Natural Wine. During the wine-making process, nature is our ally, a traveling companion and sometimes even our teacher. In this path it is vital to respect the harmonious and sacred balance between man and nature.

The natural wine is therefore conceived as an expression of the authentic nature of the places, the vines and the vintage. For this reason no synthetic chemistry is used in the soil, nor are invasive and denaturing agronomic and oenological techniques used.

We believe, however, that wine, in order to best express the nature present in the territory, must also have strong human connotations. It is in fact the man who chooses whether and how to transform grapes into wine. We aim to reach a maximum production size of 50 thousand bottles, diversified into five references. Currently the production sees as protagonists the BIANCOPIGLIO Etna Bianco D.O.C., the ROSSOBRILLO Etna Rosso D.O.C. and the NEROMAGNO Etna Rosso D.O.C.. (available from spring 2020), distinguished by vineyard origin, vinification and aging.

We follow personally and with the help of qualified experts all the stages of cultivation, production, vinification and bottling, accompanying and coordinating each of these stages personally.

Who takes care of our Natural Wine: Dwarves or Gnomes?

Dwarves or Gnomes? Small in stature, like that of a child, gnomes are creatures strictly linked to the earth, usually old, bearded and with a wrinkled skin (except for our young Rossobillo, just born).

They are little jokers who dress in colorful clothes. We have decided to recall their image as magical protectors of the earth. We imagine them working incessantly our vineyard, with anthropomorphic forms more fun than the real ones. They do the job that the Sicilian farmer, after completing his hard work, expects to receive from the volcanic nature, to obtain the healthy fruits that will give exceptional Etna wines. Here the dwarves will continue to play with the emotions of the wine lovers. They change position on the labels of each year because every year is different from the previous.