"How much joy and magic would lack in our best experiences without good wine"

The ancient winery on Etna by Emilio Sciacca

Emilio Sciacca: The winery

Emilio Sciacca: The winery

The agricultural company “Emilio Sciacca Etna Wine” was born in 2015, as the decisive gesture of a love story that began many years before, and that has Etna as the main protagonist.

Today, the company has one hectare of owned vineyards, and another hectare under transfer contract. Both are directly followed by the company throughout all the agronomic phases.

In the ancient renovated winery of the Martinella, in Linguaglossa, we welcome guests from all over the world to offer unforgettable wine tours and eno-gastronomic experiences.

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The natural wine on Etna


Good wine has the power to transport us to a metaphysical dimension, where even the most subtle dynamics come to play a role in the sensorial range, as the ethics and also the philosophy of those who create and produce it.

We think that natural wine is the most appropriate and true way of interpreting the terroir of th Etna in its maximum viticultural expression.Wine, Human, Nature, Etna” : a human and sustainable approach that values what is good in the world and that we want to pass to the future generations.

The Natural Wine

The Wines of Emilio Sciacca Etna Wine


They dress in colourful clothes, they are jokers and if they wear a hat they become invisible. They are the gnomes, benevolent spirits protectores of our vineyards, that in 2018 helped us in our first harvest.

This is how DOC labels are born: a white (Biancopiglio) and two red ones (Rossobrillo e Neromagno), all produced only with autochthonous grapes of the volcano, according to the natural wine method.

The Wines