"How much joy and magic would lack in our best experiences without good wine"

Emilio Sciacca Etna and Wine. The Volcanic Nature

Emilio Sciacca’s passion for Etna and good wine was born about 15 years ago.

As a passionate traveler, he began to explore the areas most suited to excellent wine-making and, in the same years, took part in an ONAV tasting course. The wine thus become the right companion for countless pleasant moments in his life. For many years this passion remained a hobby for him.

The Eclectic Entrepreneur

Graduated with a degree in Engineering, then a Doctorate. In the meantime he cultivates his passion for foreign countries, for languages and nature, for his own land and for Etna. From a young age he is able to make the most of his professional, economic and cultural resources to make his passions his work. So, it follows its entrepreneurial nature, and its volcanic nature. Step by step he leaves the world of research to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

Emilio Sciacca Etna and Wine

Pioneer in the field of hospitality in Catania already in 2003, he obtained the qualification of Director of Tour operator and naturalistic guide. So he constitutes his naturalistic incoming Tour operators. He still organizes trekking excursions on Mt. Etna, departing from Catania and Taormina, sailing days between Acitrezza and Taormina, and, finally, tours around the Sicilian cities of art. In these activities, good food and good Sicilian wine have always played the role of storytellers of the culture and traditions of the territory. Wine, in particular, has become the protagonist of the Sicilian sensory experiences of his guests.

A New Age

The opportunity to purchase a historic country estate with a view of Mount Etna, summit craters, marks the beginning of a new age as a wine producer.

The renovation work on the millstone is long and tiring to think of producing wine as early as 2016. The birth of his firstborn son, Leonardo, and above all the encounter with the wine-making experience, matured over the years, of Gianluca Torrisi, already a trusted friend, lead him to recognize the propitious moment for the departure of the new adventure.

The Volcanic Nature of Emilio Sciacca, the entrepreneur, and Gianluca Torrisi, project manager of Sciaccaetnawine.
Emilio Sciacca and Gianluca Torrisi at the first presentation of wines during the event Contrade dell’Etna 2019.

For Emilio, the experience of recovering the millstone and his land is suggestive. It was clear to him how it is the protagonist of human existence and its potential fruits the harmonious expression between man and nature. As he confronts this new language, Emilio recognizes, for the umpteenth time, this sacred balance. Man becomes a craftsman at the service of nature, always according to the rules that it dictates, to preserve its typical properties and not betray its lifeblood. Nature is considered a traveling companion and not an adversary to dominate. The wine is thus an authentic expression of the nature of the places, the grape varieties and the vintage. In 2018, after much effort, the first bottles of Sciacca Natura Vulcanica wine were produced.

“We trust in an ethical wine with strong human connotations.” (cit. Gianluca Torrisi)

In less than a year from the first production, the wine has already been presented in several fairs dedicated to natural wine, in Bari, Barcelona, Paris, Scicli, Palermo, Milan, Verona, Taormina and more.

The old millstone, now renovated, combines the ancient soul of the structure with the modern one destined to the welcome and hospitality of wine lovers and hikers.

For Emilio Sciacca the combination of Etna and Wine makes the experience of the tourist in Sicily unique.

Communicating through wine, in harmony with the authentic flavors of our culinary tradition, will be the language used to share this project of multiple potential.

“How much joy and magic our best experiences would lack without good wine”(cit.E.Sciacca)