Board of local products with tasting of Etna wines

Board of local products with tasting of Etna wines

Are you on your way back from a trip to Mount Etna with friends and fancy a light lunch? Or would you like to simply escape the daily humdrum on your next lunch break? For these and many other occasions, our board of local products with tasting of two Etna wines is the perfect solution! 

During the vineyard visit, our staff will be glad to walk you along the rows and show you the fascinating viti ad alberello (sapling); this cultivation method is in fact a typical trait of the Etna DOC production. 

Then the experience will continue with the tour of our ancient Palmento; you will enjoy a board of a selection of local products with a tasting of two Etna doc wines.

Our local wine experts will help you identify the organoleptic traits of our wines; these rank among the poorest in sulfites of the national winemaking scene and are the perfect example of our constant dedication to natural and genuine production. 

To complete your experience, we will supply you with a tech sheet for each sampled label during the wine tasting. 

During the wine tasting, you can also request further wine samplings at a price of €5 per glass.

Furthermore, in addition to our selection of local products, it will be possible to add a seasonal course at an extra price of 7€.

Additional information

Times From 12 PM to 2 PM
Duration Approx. 90 minutes
Languages English and Italian. Upon request we can arrange the experience in French and Spanish.
Wines 2 Etna DOC wines
Combinations Bruschetta, parmigiana, vegetable preserves (pickled and in oil), rich cheese and cold cuts platter