Etna wine. A short trip to discover the wines of the most beautiful volcano in the world

Andrea Vadalà · 8 April 2020 · News

Why Etna wine is apprecieted all over the world?

Etna wine has a tradition rooted in time, and over the years, the Etna wine haw become known in Italy and around the world. Certainly, Etna wines are appreciated for their particular organoleptic characteristics and unique traits, made of chiaroscuro, savory grains and solid but elegant structures.

These factors obviously come from the place where Etna wine comes alive: volcanic soils rich in minerals, winds blowing from the sea, important temperature ranges and centuries-old vineyards, among the oldest in Italy; some of these even belong to the pre-Phylloxera era. Most importantly is the altitude where the vineyards are concentrated, mainly in the range between 300 and 900 meters of altitude, with peaks up to 1100 meters, reason why Etna has a continental climate, by determining a unique alchemy, different from the rest of the Sicilian landscape..

The most ancient and quality autochthonous black grape varieties are Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, meanwhile Catarratto, Carricante and Minnella are for the white grape varieties.

If these vineyards are located in areas covered by controlled designations “Etna”, having also other parameters, they are they are classified as DOC.

Etna DOC was the first DOC denomination to be created in Sicily, and its birth dates to 1968. To assume the denomination of Etna DOC, the vines must be found in the Province of Catania, and more in detail it includes part of the territories of the municipalities of Biancavilia, S. Maria di Licodia, Paternò, Belpasso, Nicolosi, Pedara, Trecastagni, Viagrande, Aci S. Antonio, Acireale, S. Venerina, Giarre, Mascali, Zafferana, Milo, S. Alfio, Piedimonte, Linguaglossa, Castiglione, Randazzo.

Etna red DOC among the Etna wines

The Etna red wine DOC must contain 80% of Nerello Mascalese grapes, and from 0 to 20% of Nerello Cappuccio; other grapes can contribute too, as long as they don’t exceed of 10%, they aren’t aromatics, and suitable for cultivation in Sicily.

As a result, the Etna wine that comes out from these parameters is a wine still, ruby red in color with garnet reflections. Therefore to the nose the wine results is intense, lovely, characteristic, with scents ranging from red fruits to spices. On the other hand, on the palate results soft, intense, full-bodied, in full harmony with its land, Mount Etna.

Our natural Etna wine

At our winery you could taste Rossobrillo and Neramagno, two red Etna wine natural, and that is to say, Etna DOC.

Both wines, have a blend of 95% Nerello Mascalese and 5% Nerello Cappuccio. The only difference is the aging.

The perfect match for these Etna DOC wines is a first course seasoned with a meat sauce, or a second course with a tasty and tasty character, or the typical Sicilian aged cheeses, dried tomatoes and olives from Etna. If you are cursi. For istance, if you are curios, you could visit our page Wine and Food Recipes.

On the other hand, as regards the Etna white wine DOC, we produce a wine with a deep, fresh and distinctly tasty. Biancopiglio Etna DOC wine. The grapes variery of Biancopiglio are Carricante, Catarratto, Grenico and Coda di volpe.

Etna white DOC

However, Etna Bianco DOC must instead have a minimum 60% Carricante and Catarrato from 0 to 40%. It is possible to add grapes belonging to the vines Trebbiano, Minella Bianca and other non-aromatic white grape varieties present in Sicily, up to a maximum of 15%. The colour is pale yellow, complimented by golden reflections, the nose is delicate and characteristic, reminiscent of flowers such as jasmine, white berry fruit, with various citrus notes; in the mouth it is dry, harmonious and fresh. What better accompaniment than fish? But also vegetables, mixed starters, white meats and fresh cheeses.

Etna DOC and natural wines

In conclusion, our winery produces only DOC wines, natural wines, born respecting and loving nature. Through our wine tours, you can taste Etna DOC wines, accompanied by typical Sicilian and Etnean food.